Sunday, January 2, 2011

So this is my blog

I figured that having a blog might be a good thing considering that most of the people I know don't see me on a daily basis to really know what is going on with my life.  Heck, most of them live across the country in other states, so they really don't get a first-hand experience of everything that happens in my life.  For the most part, everything is good.  I'm employed with a job that is almost not like a job.  Basically, I get alot of social time at work, so it works for me.  I'm single and have been for a large percentage of my life, but I'm not too concerned about it.  Yeah, I go on dates every now and again, it's basically the task of finding someone who I can even bear the thought of being with every single day for the rest of my life.  That's hard to do.  I never really figured I'd still be looking at this age, but nothing is ever as we expect it to be.  I do have awesome friends, though.  Most of my friends have known me for quite some time and realize that I am a unique individual and just let me be who I am.  There is nothing better than having friends who understand that you are the kind to be loud and boisterous one day and quiet and reserved the next.  It's all a part of who I am.  Life is nothing but a roller coaster, just up and down, up and down.  If you learn to just go with it, it makes it a lot easier in the long run. 

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